Our Services

iNet VoIP Office

iNet provides Full Hosted PBX features you can take with you wherever you go, including an integrated App. iNet also provides SIP trunks to replace traditional telephone lines or PRIs (Primary Rate Interface).  It works with an IP-enabled PBX.

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iNet Call Center

iNet provides Call center seats from 2 to 1000’s with recording options.  A full suite of ACD feature and functionality.

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iNet Wholesale

iNet provides wholesale SIP Trunks and Termination, with competitive rates.  inet has some of the best rates and routes with termination for International and Domestic.

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iNet Data

iNet provides Data solutions from broadband to fiber.  whether you need Internet or multi-site MPLS, SDWan.

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Yealink VoIP Phone

With the Yealink T5 Business Phones, you can help your business benefit from the advanced telephony features,
next-generation communication experience and great flexibility, and eventually unleash the power of remote collaboration and maximize the ROI..

  • 7" capacitive touch screen
  • Built-In Wifi
  • 27 Touch Keys
  • Built-In Bluetooth

Wireless VoIP Phone

The Yealink W60P Wireless DECT IP Phone is a premium phone designed with robust hardware, ideal for businesses that require greater capability to handle a heavy call load.

  • Long Battery Life
  • 8 Simultaneous Calls
  • Connect up to 8 handsets
  • 3-way Conferencing

What You Get

Full Features in a Cloud PBX

Reduce costs, connect seamlessly, room to grow

  • Connect from Anywhere
  • Ease of Use
  • Reliability
  • Truly Turn-Key

Hosted and SIP Trunk Solutions

Flexibility, whether you need a Cloud solution or SIP trunks, we have a solution to meet your business needs

  • Keep your Number
  • Integrated Solution
  • Mobile Application
  • Full Feature PBX and more

VoIP Equipment

iNet provides a full suite of Equipment. Polycom, Grandstream, Yealink and more

  • Cordless VoIP Phones
  • Receptionist Phones
  • Conference Phones
  • Desk Phones

iFax Solutions

You choose whether to fax from your own email client, the API, or from our proprietary standalone browser client.

  • No Page Limit
  • Unlimited Attachments
  • Downloadable Past Faxes
  • Virtual Fax from Anywhere